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Branding and Marketing

Webrainium provides you a branding strategy document to align your business with the target market

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Service Description

Webrainium improves your customer reach and increases your sales by developing your brand strategy and your digital marketing plan. A. Our services for the Brand Strategy and Digital Marking Plan include: 1. Customer database review (2 days) 2. Customer database segmentation (2 days) 3. Profiling segmented customers based on the understanding of customer wants and preferences (5 days) 4. Customer Product Fit: 4a. Aligning the Product / Service features with consumers (2 days) 4b. Presenting the Organization Vision & Mission to promoters (2 days) 5. Branding Strategy Document will include the vision, mission, values, logo, color palette, customer profile, product-market fit, market analysis and communication plan. (10 days) 6. Presentation of website templates and selecting the template that best communicates your brand to the customers (2 days) 7. Website content development (7 days) 8. Database and CRM integration on the website. (2 days) 9. Social media handle integration on the website and with the CRM (3 days) 10. Payment gateway and server integration on the website (1 day) 11. Communication content bucket population (3 days) 12. Communication workflow plan (3 days) Total days 45 @ USD 100 per day = USD 4500 or INR 360,000. This work will be done over a period of 4 to 5 months B. Monthly upkeep of the website and uploading content. 1. Website maintenance and content uploading (2 day in a month) 2. Communication analysis presentation (1 day in a month) 3. Technical editing and uploading four posts (2 days in a month) Five day every month @ USD 100 per day = USD 500 or INR 40,000 per month Domain name, server space, website subscription and online advertising cost is not included. Benefits: A. You will have digital assets worth USD 4500 or INR 360,000 B. You ROI in 10 to 12 months should be USD 10000+ or INR 800,000+

Contact Details

  • Assotech Springfields, Sector, Block N, Zeta I, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India


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